Benjamin Wasty

Software Engineer

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built or contributed to.

Rust port of JoeyDeVries/LearnOpenGL
Rust version of
glTF 2.0 Viewer written in Rust
Engine-agnostic glTF 2.0 Loader in TypeScript
TypeScript 30 4
Small template for compiling Rust to WebAssembly with webpack and live reloading
JavaScript 7 1
Screen space fluid rendering with Ogre and Nvidia PhysX
Fingering Tool for Akai EWI using React
JavaScript 3 1
Rust wrapper crate for the Google Draco mesh compression library (WIP)
Rust 2 0
A TypeScript based WebGL rendering framework.
TypeScript 1 0
Toy Ethereum implementation (WIP)
Rust 1 0
Silly Unity game created for Ludum Dare 34

gltf-rs (fork)

A Rust library for loading glTF
Rust 1 0
Code examples for the paper "ContextLua: dynamic behavioral variations in computer games (2010)"
Small template for Rust scripts using cargo-script
Unreal Engine 4 Version of Blobby Volley 3D

My Interests